Bashaw Lake Resort
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The Bashaw Lake Resort Property 

What is the Resort address?

The address of the Resort is 3215 Lakeview Church Rd., Shell Lake, WI 54871.

What is the size of the Resort property?

The Resort sits on nearly 12 wooded acres with over 900 feet of lake frontage.

How is the Resort situated on the Lake?

The Resort is located on the northeast side of the lake, running north and south along the shoreline. Facing west, spectacular sunsets are a regular evening treat viewable from the cabins, piers and campground.

Is it a level walk to the lake?

The Resort has over 900 feet of frontage on Bashaw Lake. It is a fairly level walk to the piers near the cabins. The access to the piers nearest the campground is via steps or sloping path.

What wildlife exists on or around the resort?

We have seen a wide variety of animals on or near the property including deer, beaver, woodchucks, muskrats, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, turtles, skinks (a native short legged lizard), frogs, garter snakes, grouse, woodpeckers, orioles, geese, ducks, herons, cranes, swans, loons, black bears, foxes and others. Bald eagles have been seen over the lake. 

Is there a boat landing?

There is a public boat landing on Bashaw Lake that is on the same side of the lake as the resort, to the South, and easily accessible. Small 12-14 foot boats owned by the resort are launched onsite by merely pushing them in or pulling them out at the shore.

How old is the Resort?

There are records indicating that a resort has probably existed on the property since the late 1940's, and definitely in the 1950's. It appears on a 1969 State of Wisconsin survey map of the lake. It has had a number of owners over the decades. We purchased the property in 2012.

How long have you owned the Resort?

We purchased the Resort in November on 2012 and worked on renovations through 2013. Our first year receiving guests at the Resort was 2014.

What is water supply for drinking?

The water is supplied by a well drilled in 2013. It is safe and tested annually. The water is good and has some natural softness. The well supplies the main house, all four cabins and the campground.

How are the fall colors?

In the fall, the Resort and lake present a brilliant array of colors. The north end of the lake is very sparsely inhabited and has a very wilderness lake feel.

What types of trees are on the property?

The most heavily wooded portion of the Resort property is comprised of birch trees, along with oak, maples and a variety of tall pines among others.

What plants and gardens are on the property?

There is a wide variety of plants and gardens on or planned for the Resort. Currently, there are wild strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, peonies, lilies, irises, chives and others including the usually wide variety of forest vegetation. Future plans include expanded flower gardens, vegetable gardens, a small orchard and strawberry patch.

Do you have a "sand beach"? Can you swim in the lake from the Resort?

Unfortunately, we do not have a sand beach. Swimming and floating is possible from the piers, as is fishing from the piers. People on the lake do swim from pontoon boats. We have a swim platform for guest use. All swimming is at your own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty. There is a nice public sand beach in Shell Lake, about 20 minutes from the Resort that people also visit while staying in the area.

What other buildings or structures are on the property?

There is a main house/owners’ residence, garage/workshop for owners’ equipment/vehicles, playground with swings, slide, sandbox, and playhouse, a 9x12 utility barn/shed that has a freezer for deposit of fish entrails, fish cleaning house, shed for storage, large pole barn for storage and workshop area, dump station and two privies/outhouses for emergency use. There is also a 6x6 wood playhouse.

How many piers are available?

By the time the Resort opens for 2019, we plan to have four piers back in the water. There will be two piers in the campground area and two near the cabins.


Bashaw Lake 

What is the size of the lake?

According to maps and records from the State of Wisconsin, Bashaw Lake is about 171 acres. Based upon measurements from that map, the lake is over one mile long and over half a mile wide at its widest point. The shoreline is over 3.2 miles in length. Click HERE for a map and additional information.

How deep is the lake?

The deepest part of the lake is about 16 feet. Click HERE for a map and additional information.

What fish are in the lake?

There are northern, bass and panfish including bluegill, crappie and sunfish, as well as some other breeds including walleye and catfish.

How is the fishing on the lake?

Bashaw Lake is described as a very good fishing lake with a variety of game fish including northern, bass and panfish. In the past, an annual ice fishing tournament was held on the lake each January. While fishing from the piers, we have caught many fish including bluegill, crappie and a 16" largemouth bass. Guests caught bass, northern and panfish, as well as catfish.

Do people ice fish in the winter?

Bashaw Lake is known as a very good ice fishing lake. In the past, there has been an ice fishing tournament held annually in January. Future plans are to possibly have ice fishing shelters available for rent by Resort guests.

Are there any fishing restrictions or bag limits?

As these can change from year to year, one should consult with the Wisconsin DNR related to any specific restrictions or bag limits. Generally, though, limits and restrictions are only those that apply to all state lakes, but you should double check with the DNR for any special issues or restrictions. Copies of Wisconsin fishing regulations will be available at the Resort for your reference and use. Also see HERE for additional information.

Is trolling allowed on the lake?

Trolling has been allowed according to past printed regulations, but one should check and confirm whether it is still allowed during any particular season. Also, see HERE for additional information.

What boating activities are available on the lake?

There are no posted restrictions. On the lake, in addition to fishing, people tour the lake on pontoon boats and pull tubes and other item behind boats as well as swim off pontoons. A tour around the perimeter of lake at a modest to slow pace can take half an hour or longer.

Resort Cabins 

How many cabins are there?

There are four cabins. Three have two bedrooms and one has one bedroom. The cabins sleep between 4 and 8 people including futons and/or foldout sofas. With such a configuration the cabins, altogether, could also accommodate a group, retreat or reunion of about 23 to 28 people in cabins depending upon the then existing configurations. See HERE for additional information.

What are the specific details for each cabin?

Please see the following page HERE for additional details for each cabin.

What is the availability for each cabin at this time?

Please see the availability calendar HERE.

Are the cabins winterized/usable in the winter months?

Several of the cabins were set-up for winter use. There need to be a few updates before they can be used again in the winter, but plans are to eventually have some of the cabins open for periods of time during the winter season.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you take credit cards?

We accept cash and good checks. We do accept most major credit cards, but there may be a convenience fee added for credit card transactions and the availability of credit card transactions taking credit card transactions is subject occasional to equipment and internet access issues.

Is there sales tax/other taxes?

Yes, there is sales tax applied. Sales tax in Burnett County is 5.5% and will be added to the stated rental rates for cabins and campsites, as well as other taxable purchases and rentals.

Do you require a reservation deposit?

For 2019, we are asking for an advance reservation deposit of $50.00. This deposit policy is being applied to all advance reservations and is implemented due to some circumstances that occurred with reservations in past years. If you did need to reschedule a reservation after it has been made, the deposit can be applied to a different reservation in the 2019 season only and subject to cabin or campsite availability.

Do you allow pets?

We do allow for one or two dogs in a cabin. In the campground you may have a dog or two in your camper/RV. We have a pet policy that is as follows: 

1.         We reserve the right to require your dog(s) to be on a leash or in a kennel. 

2.         You must clean up all messes.

3.         Do not leave pets in cabins alone.

4.         Pets go with you whenever you leave.

5.         If a pet bothers or disturbs other guests at the Resort, you will be asked to leave. You will pay for your full reservation time
            and no refund will be given.

6.         You will pay for any damage done by your pets at a price determined by the Resort Owners.

7.     We charge a $5.00 per day/$35.00 per week pet fee. We reserve the right to waive the fee on a case by case basis.

Do you have a rental contract?

We have a form that is to be signed upon registration that included a few simple rules (i.e. no smoking in cabins). 

What is your smoking policy?

There is no smoking allowed in the cabins. There is an additional cleaning fee of $200.00 for violation of the no smoking policy.

What are the cabin rental rates?

Please see HERE for details on the cabins and their daily and weekly rental rates. If you are interested in longer terms, please contact us at 262-391-6817 or at

What are the campsite rental rates?

We charge $25/per night, $125/per week, $300/month or $1,200/season plus sales tax. For additional details, please see HERE. Please call to inquire about monthly or seasonal rates.

How many people are allowed in each cabin?

Each cabin rental rate is for specific number of people. Additional people in each cabin, up to the cabin's maximum, will be an additional charge of $25.00 per week for 2019. Please call for information on the cost of daily (minimum of two days) or for longer term rentals.

Can we have additional daytime guests? Is there an extra charge?

Additional daytime, non-overnight, guests must check in at the office and must leave by 9:00 p.m. There is no additional charge for daytime guests for 2019.

In the Cabins, do you provide pots, pans, cooking & dining utensils? Bedding/Bed Linens? Bath Towels?

We do provide pots and pans. We provide cooking & dining utensils, including plates, cups, knives, spoons and forks. Bedding and bed linens, such as sheets and blankets, are provided. We do not provide bath towels. You will need to bring your own bath towels.

Parking? Trailers?

There will be parking for a car at each cabin. Space for parking a boat trailer will be provided.

The Resort Campground 

How many campsites are there? What hook-ups are available?

There currently are 12 RV/Camper sites that will be available. These are for campers that are defined as "independent" meaning that they have their own toilet. Hook-ups include both water and electric (on a 20 amp circuit). A dump station is located onsite which can be used by driving to it or pulling you own waste tote to it. We are exploring future options for holding tanks for longer term campers with additional charge for tank pumping.

How many people can be at a campsite?

The rate charged will be for 4 adults/children over the age of 12. An additional fee may be charge for overnight guests beyond that number. There is no charge for additional daytime visitors.

What is the rate for campsites?

In 2019, the rates are $25.00/night, $125.00/week, $300/month and $1,200/season plus tax. Please see HERE for additional information. Please call us at 262-391-6817 to inquire about seasonal rates.

Resort Amenities 

Is there any meeting space?

Future plans are for a portion of the basement of the main house/owners residence to be available as a multipurpose space that could be used for meetings and other events, but this option will likely not be available in 2019. 

What if there is severe weather?

In the case of a severe weather emergency, a portion of the owners’ residence basement will be available as an emergency severe weather shelter.

What if I need to conduct business while I am at the Resort?

Various business services, some at reasonable fee, may be available, including, but not limited to, access to landline long distance phone service, fax, copier, scanning, meeting space, office supplies (i.e. staples, paper clips, paper, pens) and inkjet printing. Free wireless internet is available around the office and several of the cabins. We are working to expand coverage area on the resort property.

Can we have a campfire? Is firewood available?

There are designated campfire areas. Currently there is one area available for the cabins, near the playground area. We will be setting up additional campfire areas or fire pits. Firewood will be available for purchase. You will be responsible for safely maintaining the campfire and an adult must be present at all times. Fires should be appropriately extinguished when you are finished for the evening.

Are there grills?

Each cabin has a charcoal grill available. A limited number of additional charcoal grills are also available on a first come, first served basis.

Are there picnic tables?

Each cabin has a picnic table available. Guests may move the picnic tables around the vicinity of their cabin as needed. In the future there will also be several picnic tables in the campground area available.

Are their televisions in the cabin? Are there DVD players?

Yes. Each cabin will have a television. Over the air broadcast service is basically unavailable. At this point, we have been able to occasionally receive PBS and FOX broadcast signals in some locations depending on the time of day and weather conditions, so there is currently no service available. Each cabin has either a DVD player or DVD/VHS player. A selection of DVD's and VHS tapes will be available from the library at the Resort Office or you may bring your own from home.

Does the Resort have DVD's or books available?

The Resort will maintain a lending library of DVD's, VHS tapes, books, and board games. These will be available for guests to check-out at the office at no charge. Office hours will be limited and irregular in 2019. Guests will be responsible for loss or damage.

What activities are available for guests?

In addition to activities on the lake such as fishing and boating, the Resort will also offer other amenities to guests. There is playground with swings, a slide, a digger, sandbox and playhouse. Picnic tables, campfire areas and charcoal grills are available. A lending library of books, DVD's and VHS tapes will be available at the office during limited hours in 2019. There is a walking trail available. Wifi will also be available at the Resort. Future plans include horseshoe pits and a grass volleyball court.

Do you have a hiking/walking trail?

There is a walking trail available. Starting in the campground, the trail enters the woods. This portion of the trail is about one tenth of a mile. The walk then continues past the pole barn to the resort drive. One can then walk along the drive, past the main house and cabins 2, 3, and 4, as well as along the lake, before returning to the point of origin in the campground. The total distance is approximately 1/4 mile. It is a fairly easy walk, with a few small inclines.

Existing Resort amenities, in addition to fishing, other lake activities, and spectacular sunset views, include:

Free Wifi is available at the main house, cabins 2 & 3 and surrounding areas. Cabins 1 and 4 do receive a signal but the strength of the signal varies.

Each Cabin has:

            Television with a DVD or DVD/VHS
            Microwave Oven
            Coffee Maker
            Pots/pans/kitchen & dining items

Charcoal Grills available

Playground with swings, slide, digger and sandbox.

12 or 14 foot aluminum boats with oars available

Short Walking/Hiking Trail

Fish cleaning house

Wooded acreage

Storm Shelter

Dump Station

Souvenirs including magnets, postcards, hats and T-Shirts

Piers for docking boats and fishing

Fire pits

Firewood available

Picnic Tables

Bird Watching opportunities

Copy/Scan/Print Services

Library of Books, DVD’s, VHS Tapes, CD’s, Board Games

Calendar of Local Events (Available via this website)

Basketball, Football, baseballs, softballs and other items available for use by guests

Retail Goods for available for purchase (limited stock/inventory)


Boat/Motor Rental


Swim Raft

Playhouse in playground area

Other planned Resort amenities include, but not limited to:

Planned to be installed in 2019:

Horseshoe Pits

Expanded flower/vegetable gardens

Basketball hoop

Planned for 2020 and beyond:

Meeting/Game Room

Volleyball Net

Ice for Purchase

Bait/Tackle available for purchase

Winterization of the cabins for four season use

RV Parts/Supplies (limited stock/inventory)

What if there is something that I need to buy/forgot to bring?

The Resort will have a limited supply of common items for purchase at the office including can goods, personal care items, and souvenirs. In 2019, the hours and days of availability will be irregular and limited as will be the stock and inventory. For items that are not available at the Resort or for a wider selection, there is a convenience store in Hertel, WI, about 5 minutes away. There are full service grocery stores, hardware stores and other businesses in Spooner, Shell Lake and Siren which are all about 20 minutes away.

What are the hours for the Resort office?

Exact hours are to be determined. There will be regular, normal, posted office hours each day, subject to change due to circumstances and needs of guests on the Resort. In 2019, these hours will be more limited and irregular as to dates and times.

Do you rent boats? Do you rent motors?

There will be 12 and 14 foot aluminum row boats available for use. Each cabin comes with a boat included in the cabin rental. Subject to availability, row boats may be rented by campers for an additional fee. We have purchased several 5-6 HP motor to rent out and will have these ready during 2019. For more information, please see HERE.

Do you have a pool?

No. We do not have a pool available for use by guests.

Where can I buy ________?

The Resort does have a limited supply of items for purchase that may be most needed by people staying in the cabins and campground. Such items will include some can goods, soda, pre-packaged snacks, candy bars, camp/RV items, souvenirs, pain relievers and other items. During 2019, these items will have limited availability and limited dates and hours of availability.

If items are needed that are not available on site, there is a convenience store in Hertel, WI, which is about 5 minutes away on WI 70. There are full service grocery stores and hardware stores in Spooner, Shell Lake and Siren. RV and Boat stores are in the area also.

What if I have a medical need or medical emergency?

Should you need medical treatment or need a prescription, there are many options in the area. For prescriptions, there are a number of local and national pharmacies in Spooner, Rice Lake and other communities. For medical treatment, there are clinics/hospitals in Spooner, Shell Lake, and Rice Lake.

In event of life threatening emergency, 911 service is provided by the area communities.

Television, Radio, Cell Service and Wifi at the Resort 

How is the cell phone service?

We have found the cell phone service to be very good considering the overall location of the property. We have tested the service via US Cellular, which is in a roaming mode at the Resort and Verizon. One guest advised that their T-Mobile service was poor. Individual results may vary based.

How is the TV reception?

 TV reception over air is very limited. Occasionally, PBS stations and a FOX affiliate are received, but varies based upon time of day and weather conditions. Cable/Satellite is not currently available, but free WiFi will be available in the cabins for streaming to your personal devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Currently, the wifi reached Cabins 2 & 3, the main house and the surrounding areas. Cabins 1 & 4 do receive a signal, but it is weaker and is more subject to additional interference due to weather and other conditions.

How is the radio reception?

A number of radio stations are available. A list of stations and their formats will be available at the Resort. Broadcast of country, pop, rock and talk formats are available in the area, as well as sports coverage of Wisconsin and Minnesota teams, including Brewers, Twins, Badgers, Gophers, Packers and Vikings. Results may vary based upon issues including time of day and weather conditions.

Do you have Wifi?

There is good Wi-fi available at the Resort. Guests will need to agree to terms of use. Currently, the Wi-fi signal is available in the main house and cabins 2 and 4 as well as the outdoor areas around them. Cabins 1 and 4 do receive a weaker service. We plan to continue to work to extend the range to all four cabins and as much of the campground as possible.

Resort Location 

Address and Map:

3215 Lakeview Church, Shell Lake, WI 54871. See Map at bottom of this page.

What are the nearby Wisconsin communities? Click on the community name for their website if available.

Community       Population        Distance

Spooner            2700               20 minutes

Siren                 800                20 minutes

Shell Lake         1350               20 minutes

Webster            650                 20 minutes

Danbury            172                35 minutes

Cumberland       2200              35 minutes

Frederic            1100               35 minutes

Grantsburg        1300               40 minutes

Luck                 1100               45 minutes

Hayward           2300               50 minutes

Rice Lake          8500               50 minutes

All travel times are approximate based upon calculations by an online third party service. Individual results may vary due to exact departure location and traffic, weather and road conditions.

What interstate or state highways are nearby?

The Resort is located just south of WI 70. Taking WI 70 east to Spooner, one can access WI 53, which is a four lane highway that runs north to the Superior/Duluth area or south to Eau Claire, where one can connect to I-94. Taking WI 70 west through Siren, one can continue across to Minnesota and connect to I-35, which runs directly to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

How far is the Resort from:

Rice Lake, WI:             0hrs 50min

Hayward, WI:              0hrs 50min

Duluth, MN:                 1hrs 40min

Superior, WI:               1hrs 40min

Eau Claire, WI:             1hrs 40min

Andover, MN:               1hrs 55min

Minneapolis, MN:          2hrs

Eagan, MN:                  2hrs 10min

St. Cloud, MN:              2hrs 30min

Wausau, WI:                3hrs

Rochester, MN:             3hrs 15min

La Crosse, WI:              3hrs 20min

Rhinelander, WI:           3hrs 20min

Mankato, MN:               3hrs 30min

Madison, WI:                4hrs 30min

Green Bay, WI:             4hrs 40min

Iron Mountain, MI:        4hrs 40min

Appleton, WI:               4hrs 45min

Janesville, WI:              5hrs

Fargo, ND:                    5hrs 15min

Beloit, WI:                    5hrs 20min

Milwaukee, WI:             5hrs 30min

Des Moines                   5hrs 30min

Dubuque, IA:                5hrs 30min

Waterloo, IA:                5hrs 30min

Marquette, MI:              5hrs 40min

Rockford, WI:                5hrs 45min

Sioux Falls, SD:             6hrs

Racine, WI:                   6hrs 20min

Kenosha, WI:                6hrs 20min

Cedar Rapids, IA:          6hrs 20min

Waukegan, IL:              6hrs 30min

Chicago, IL:                  6hrs 50min (from downtown Chicago)

Davenport, IA:              6hrs 50min

Gary, IN:                      7hrs 30min

Bloomington, IL:            7hrs 40min

Lafayette, IN:                9hrs

South Bend, IN:             8hrs 30min

St. Louis, MO:               10hrs 15 min

All travel times are approximate based upon calculations by an online third party service. Individual results may vary due to exact departure location and traffic, weather and road conditions.

Things to Do – Area Events, Attractions and Activities 

In addition to activities at the Resort, there are many events, activities and attractions in the area around the Resort. 

What attractions are in the area?

There are many attractions in the local area. We have listed some of them HERE. You can also check with the local community webpages for additional attractions, including Spooner, Siren, Shell Lake, Hayward, Rice Lake and others. If you need assistance, please let us know.

Is there entertainment nearby?

The St. Croix Casino at Hertel, WI, is about a five minute drive from the Resort. In addition to casino gambling, there is a restaurant with buffet and convenience store/gas station. The casino also has an outdoor amphitheater with live entertainment throughout the spring, summer and fall. For more information, see the casino website HERE

What annual events are in the area?

There are many events in the local area, with something happening almost every week or weekend throughout the year. Some of the major events nearby include:


Jack Frost Fest (Spooner)


Hayward Musky Festival (Hayward)

Northwoods Blues Festival (Spooner)


Bluegill Festival (Birchwood)

Spooner Rodeo (Spooner)

Lumberjack World Championships (Hayward)

Washburn County Fair (Spooner)


Siren Summerfest (Siren)

Jack Pine Savage Days (Spooner)


Town and Country Days (Shell Lake)

Harvestfest (Siren)


Cranberry Festival (Stone Lake)

Jack O' Lantern Fest (Spooner)

Octoberfest (Shell Lake)


Bentleyville Tour of Lights (Duluth) (Through December)


A "Lure" of Lights (Hayward)

We have also listed some of them HERE. You can also check with the local community webpages for additional attractions, including Spooner, Siren, Shell Lake, Hayward, Rice Lake and other. If you need assistance, please let us know.

What activities are available in the area?

There are many attractions in the local area. We have listed some of then HERE. You can also check with the local community webpages for additional attractions, including Spooner, Siren, Shell Lake, Hayward, Rice Lake and other. If you need assistance, please let us know.

Is there hunting in the area?

Yes. Burnett County has 150,000 acres of county and public owned forest land on which hunting is allowed during the various hunting seasons. For more information, please click HERE.

Are there snowmobile/ATV trails?

Burnett County has many miles of maintained trails. There is not a trail that abuts directly to the Resort, but is located just down the road from the Resort. Please see the following for rules, regulations, maps and access by clicking HERE.

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